He Dumped Me but Stalks Me: My Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Story

It’s a situation that many of us have heard of before – a messy break-up that leaves one partner feeling hurt and scorned. But what happens when that same partner continues to lurk in the shadows, keeping tabs on everything their ex does? Despite the fact that this behavior is recognized as creepy and potentially dangerous, it’s unfortunately common. It’s a tale of rejection, obsession, and a dangerous desire to maintain control. When someone dumps you but won’t let go, they’re essentially trying to keep one foot in your life while also moving on. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this disturbing trend and discuss ways to cope with a stalker ex.

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Stalk You?

Showing up at your workplace or home unexpectedly. Following you around when youre out in public. These are all warning signs that your ex is trying to manipulate you into rekindling your relationship, even if it’s against your will.

Stalking is a serious issue, and it’s important to take it seriously. If you feel like youre being stalked by an ex, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Talk to your family and friends, and make sure they know whats going on. It’s also a good idea to contact a local domestic violence or stalking hotline for support and advice. They can help you develop a safety plan and provide you with resources to protect yourself.

In many cases, stalking can escalate over time. It’s not uncommon for stalkers to become violent or threatening, especially if they feel like theyre losing control over the situation. If you feel like youre in immediate danger, call 911 right away. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and get help before things spiral out of control.

Remember that you don’t have to give in to your exs demands or feel guilty for setting boundaries. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask someone to leave you alone, and to expect them to respect your wishes. If your ex continues to stalk you despite your efforts to distance yourself, it’s time to take action and protect yourself. With the right resources and support, you can overcome this challenge and move forward with your life.

Signs and Behaviors That Can Indicate Stalking by an Ex

  • Unwanted phone calls or messages
  • Showing up at your workplace or home uninvited
  • Following you or monitoring your activities
  • Leaving unwanted gifts or notes for you
  • Attempts to control your social media or online presence
  • Attempts to control or manipulate your relationships with others
  • Threatening or intimidating behavior
  • Spreading rumors or false information about you
  • Engaging in any other behavior that causes you to feel unsafe or uneasy

Is It Normal to Stalk Ex After Breakup?

This reaction is understandable, as breakups can cause a lot of emotional distress. In fact, studies have shown that the pain of a breakup can be similar to the pain of physical injury or illness, making it difficult to navigate the end of a relationship. Stalking your ex may feel like a way to gain some control over the situation and ease your pain, but it can actually make things worse.

It can lead to a cycle of obsession and anxiety that can be difficult to break. It may also be a sign of underlying mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. If you find yourself checking up on your ex obsessively, it may be worthwhile to speak with a mental health professional.

Another important thing to consider is how your ex feels about the situation. While it may seem like harmless checking up, your ex may feel uncomfortable or even scared by your behavior. It can be difficult to move on from a relationship when someone is constantly monitoring your every move. Respect your exs space and feelings, even if it means cutting off contact.

It can leave you stuck in the past and prevent you from fully embracing the present. It may be helpful to focus on self-care and finding healthy ways to cope with the pain of the breakup, such as therapy, exercise, or spending time with friends and family.

This may involve seeking professional help, focusing on self-care, and respecting the feelings of both yourself and your ex.


In conclusion, being dumped by someone can be a painful and confusing experience, especially if they continue to stalk you afterwards. It’s important to remember that you’ve the power to set boundaries for yourself and prioritize your own wellbeing. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t hesitate to reach out for support from loved ones or resources like counseling services. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that stalking behavior isn’t acceptable and can escalate to dangerous situations. Whether you choose to confront the person or take legal action, know that you’ve the right to protect yourself and hold them accountable for their actions. Ultimately, always prioritize your own safety and don’t let anyone make you feel less worthy or in control of your own life.