Nice to Meet You: A Retrospective on Our Encounter

When encountering somebody for the first time, one of the most common greetings is 'nice to meet you'. As the interaction progresses, there comes a point when the meeting comes to a close. This is when the past tense form of the greeting becomes applicable, 'It WAS nice to meet you'. This subtle shift in tense not only implies the conclusion of the interaction but it also signifies that the person you've met has left a positive impression. It's acknowledging that the brief interaction was worthwhile and that the person you met has left a lasting impact. The simple gesture of saying goodbye with such a courteous phrase can make the difference between just meeting somebody and forging a connection.

How Do You Say It Was Nice Meeting You Yesterday?

As humans, the ability to connect and communicate with others is one of our greatest assets. The way we express ourselves can have a profound impact on how others perceive us, which is why we must take the time to choose our words carefully.

When it comes to expressing gratitude for a meeting we’d with someone, there are several ways to say “it was nice meeting you yesterday.”. One possible phrase could be, “It was great to meet you.”. This expression conveys a sense of enthusiasm and excitement, indicating that the person was genuinely pleased to make your acquaintance.

Another way to express your gratitude could be, “Im glad I finally got to meet you.”. This phrase suggests that the two of you may have tried to connect before, but for some reason, the opportunity never came to fruition. Still, now that you’ve met, you’re happy that it finally worked out.

By taking the time to express our gratitude and appreciation for a meeting, we can create a lasting impression of warmth, gratitude, and enthusiasm. So, whether it was a business meeting, a social gathering, or a chance encounter, take a moment to let the person know how much it meant to you. Who knows, it could lead to future opportunities for growth, connection, and collaboration.

Knowing when to use the phrase “nice meeting you” can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the social norms around it. While it’s typically used when meeting someone for the first time, there are certain situations where it may be appropriate to use it at the end of a conversation. In this article, we’ll explore when it’s appropriate to use this phrase and when it’s best to choose a different expression.

When Should I Say Nice Meeting You?

Meeting new people is an exciting experience that can lead to new relationships and connections. However, knowing the appropriate time to say “nice meeting you” can be a bit of a challenge for some people. In general, it’s customary to use this phrase either at the beginning or the end of a conversation with someone you’ve just met.

When you first meet someone, it’s essential to create a positive impression and establish a cordial relationship. In this instance, saying “it is nice to meet you” is a polite way to acknowledge the introduction and express gratitude for the opportunity to meet a new person. It’s worth noting that the phrase should be accompanied by a warm smile and a friendly handshake, which will create a favorable impression.

It’s also an excellent way to leave a positive impression and suggest a potential opportunity for a future meeting or communication.

For example, if the conversation didnt go well, or the feeling wasnt mutual, it might be best to skip the phrase and just say goodbye. Similarly, if you’re meeting someone in a professional setting, it might be better to use a more formal and businesslike tone, such as “pleased to make your acquaintance.”

However, the tone, context, and relationship between the speakers can influence the appropriateness and effectiveness of the phrase. Ultimately, it’s essential to be genuine and use language that reflects your personality and character.

The English language is full of nuances and subtleties, and many non-native speakers can find it confusing at times. One of the common sources of confusion is the distinction between “nice to meet you” and “nice meeting you.” While these expressions may seem interchangeable, there’s actually a subtle difference between the two, which can affect the tone and meaning of a conversation. In this article, we will explore these two phrases and explain when it’s appropriate to use each one.

What Is the Difference Between Nice to Meet You and Nice Meeting You?

However, the difference between these two phrases goes beyond their respective usage. In fact, they imply two different attitudes and levels of engagement.

“Nice to meet you” is a standard greeting used when meeting someone for the first time. It expresses politeness and a desire to establish a positive connection. This phrase is often accompanied by a handshake, smile or other physical gesture that conveys openness and friendliness. However, it’s typically a formality and doesn’t necessarily indicate a desire to pursue further interaction.

On the other hand, “nice meeting you” is more personal and informal. It’s typically used to express gratitude and warmth after having spent some time with someone, whether in a professional or social context. It implies that a positive connection has been established and that the interaction was enjoyable. The use of the present participle “meeting” also implies that the interaction is ongoing or has just ended, rather than being a one-time occurrence.

The former is a polite greeting, while the latter is a more personal expression of gratitude and warmth.


It's important to remember that the use of the past tense, 'was', is appropriate in this context as it acknowledges the interaction as a completed event. Whether it's a brief encounter or the start of a long-term relationship, expressing genuine appreciation for the experience of meeting someone adds warmth and sincerity to any interaction. So, to everyone reading this, it was truly nice to meet you.