Should I Watch His Snapchat Story During No Contact – Like A Pro

In the realm of modern dating, digital platforms have become a staple in maintaining connections and keeping up with each other's lives. Snapchat, with it’s ephemeral and visually appealing nature, has emerged as a popular channel for sharing moments. However, when it comes to implementing the highly regarded no contact rule, things can get a bit tricky. The question arises: Should I watch his Snapchat story during no contact? As tempting as it may be to seek glimpses into his life through those fleeting snaps, it won't serve much purpose unless you take further steps to initiate contact. While watching a story might provide a window into his world, it’s essential to remember that it falls short of establishing actual communication. Thus, if you truly wish to navigate the realm of no contact like a pro, it’s best to refrain from merely observing his Snapchat story and instead focus on fostering genuine connections offline.

Should I View My Crushes Story?

When it comes to navigating the world of modern dating, social media has become a significant factor. With platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the digital realm of your crushs life. However, relationship experts warn against continuously viewing your crushs Snapchat story during a period of no contact.

The concept of no contact is often recommended after a breakup or during a time of personal growth. By cutting off all forms of communication with your ex or potential partner, you allow yourself the space to heal and regain clarity. In this case, watching their Snapchat story would only hinder your progress.

According to the dating expert, constantly viewing someones Instagram stories may convey desperation or clinginess, which can be major turn-offs early on. It’s important to maintain a sense of independence and mystery in the early stages of a relationship. By resisting the urge to constantly check up on your crushs activities, you keep yourself from overanalyzing every little detail and maintain an air of intrigue.

Instead of focusing on their Snapchat story, it’s advised to prioritize self-care and personal growth during no contact. Engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment, and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. This won’t only improve your overall well-being but also make you more attractive to potential partners in the long run.

It can send the wrong message and hinder your own personal growth. Instead, focus on yourself, engage in self-care, and allow yourself the space and time to heal and build a stronger foundation for future relationships. Remember, it’s better to be patient and let things unfold naturally rather than rushing and potentially sabotaging what could have been a promising connection.

It’s a common question that many of us might ask ourselves: why does someone still watch our Snapchat stories? Well, the truth is, it’s often just a matter of social norm. If someone hasn’t blocked or unadded you, your stories will naturally show up on their feed. However, it’s important to note that their continued viewing doesn’t necessarily indicate ongoing interest or stalking behavior; it simply means they haven’t bothered to hide your posts.

Why Does He Still Watch My Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat stories are a common feature used by many individuals to share glimpses of their daily lives. It’s become a social norm to watch the stories of friends and acquaintances, even ex-partners, if they haven’t been blocked or removed from ones friend list. Therefore, if you find that he’s still watching your Snapchat stories, it may simply be because he hasn’t taken the step to block or delete you from his account.

It’s essential to understand that viewing someones Snapchat story doesn’t automatically indicate lingering feelings or romantic interest. People often watch stories out of curiosity or as a habit, merely staying up-to-date with what others are doing in their lives. This doesn’t suggest that he’s actively stalking you or seeking information about your life. In most cases, it’s just a casual interaction with the content you choose to share.

Maintaining a level of self-control and not checking to see if he’s viewed your Snapchat stories can be challenging, primarily if you’re going through a period of no contact. However, it’s essential to remember that monitoring his viewing habits might not provide the answers you seek. It may lead to overanalyzing and unnecessary emotional distress. Instead, focus on your own healing and personal growth during this time.

If you find yourself frequently wondering why he continues to watch your Snapchat stories, try shifting your mindset towards prioritizing your own well-being. Engage in activities that bring you joy and surround yourself with supportive friends and family. By redirecting your attention towards your own growth, you can gradually detach from the need for external validation or understanding his motives.

Ultimately, if his actions on Snapchat or other social media platforms are causing you significant distress, it may be helpful to consider utilizing the block or unfriend features. This can provide a sense of closure and help you establish healthier boundaries during the no contact period. Remember, taking care of yourself should be your primary focus, and it’s perfectly okay to take steps that promote your emotional well-being.


During the period of no contact, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy distance and focus on personal growth. Instead of dwelling on his activities on social media, it’s better to direct your energy towards yourself and invest in self-improvement. Remember, the purpose of no contact is to create space for both parties to reflect and heal. So, resist the urge to constantly check his story and utilize this time to work on your own happiness and journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.