What to Do When a Guy Says He Doesn’t Know How He Feels About You – Expert Advice

Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs, twists, and turns. And when it comes to matters of the heart, it can be even more complicated. One moment you're swept off your feet, and the next moment, you're left feeling confused and unsure about where you stand. It can be challenging to navigate through these emotions, especially when the other person is equally confused. So, what do you do when a guy says he doesn't know how he feels about you? The answer is simple: communicate, give him time and space, and reassure him. By being patient and understanding, you can help him work through his feelings and gain clarity on how he truly feels about you.

How Do I Make Him Confess His Feelings?

However, relying solely on these signs won’t give the desired clarity and you might end up misinterpreting his actions. Therefore, it’s always better to have a direct conversation with him about his feelings. Start by setting up a comfortable environment that will make him feel at ease and not guarded.

Next, speak in a tone that’s non-threatening and devoid of any accusations. Make sure to keep your emotions in check and not come off as aggressive or desperate. These can push him away and have adverse effects on the conversation. Listen to him actively and give him time to voice his thoughts. Keep an open mind and be accepting of whatever he says.

It’s also important to understand that he may not be ready to confess his feelings yet. In such a scenario, it’s best to respect his decision and not push him further. Instead of pestering him, give him the space to work out his emotions and come to a conclusion at his own pace.

In case he’s still hesitant to express himself, try and create situations where he can let his guard down. Take part in activities that he enjoys or invite him to events where he can relax and be himself. This will help him see that you aren’t judgmental and that you accept him as he is.

Another way to make him confess his feelings could be by showing him that you’ve feelings for him. When he senses that you’re interested in him, he may feel more comfortable sharing his own feelings. Use positive verbal and non-verbal cues to indicate that you like him. However, make sure not to come on too strong and always maintain a sense of decorum.

Navigating a relationship can be tricky, especially when one person is scared of their own feelings. It’s important to approach the situation with compassion and understanding, without pushing too hard. Implementing a few key strategies can help you support your partner as they work through their fears and deepen their feelings for you.

What to Do if a Guy Is Scared of His Feelings for You?

It can be challenging when you realize that the man you’ve feelings for is afraid to express his feelings towards you. While it’s natural to feel frustrated or anxious about this situation, it’s important to assess the situation carefully before deciding on how to proceed. One of the most crucial things you can do to help a guy overcome his fear of feelings for you is to encourage open communication. Encouraging him to talk about his feelings and concerns can help you both gain a better understanding of where each other stands. Try not to put too much pressure on him, and give him time to process his emotions.

Another approach that you can take to help him overcome his fears is to avoid pressure. Dont push him into making any decisions he’s not ready for, and let him come to you in his own time. Be patient, understand that he may have some apprehensions that need time and space to be addressed. When you practice patience and understanding, it can make a big difference in how he feels about moving forward in the relationship.

Trust is another essential element when it comes to helping a guy overcome his fear of feelings for you. If he’s too afraid to express his feelings towards you, he may be unsure if he can trust you. Work on building your relationship with him by demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability. When he sees how you’re dependable, he’ll feel more secure and confident about opening up to you.

Validating his feelings is also crucial when it comes to helping him overcome his fears. It’s vital to acknowledge his feelings even if they aren’t what you were hoping to hear. Let him know that his feelings aren’t something that should make him feel ashamed or embarrassed. This type of validation can make him feel more comfortable about expressing his feelings to you in the future.

Lastly, you might consider seeking professional help if the situation becomes too overwhelming. Consider seeking therapy to work on building a relationship with an expert in maintaining healthy communication, building trust, and overcoming fears related to relationships. This can be a positive step towards ensuring that both you and the guy in question feel safe, seen, and heard when it comes to your mutual feelings.

Avoid pressure, validate his feelings, be understanding and show your reliability. With time, effort and acceptance from both parties, it’s possible to overcome his anxiety about his feelings, and build a stronger relationship together.

Perhaps he just got out of a serious relationship, or he’s personal issues to work out before jumping into another commitment. Whatever the reason, it’s important to respect his decision and take things slow. However, if his denying his feelings becomes a habit or he constantly sends mixed signals, it might be time to have an honest conversation about where you both stand.

Why Is He Denying His Feelings for Me?

It’s possible that hes still healing from his past or dealing with his personal issues that he thinks will affect the potential relationship. He may also feel afraid of commitment or think that hes not ready yet. It’s important to understand that denying feelings for someone doesn’t necessarily mean that theres something wrong with you. It could be something that he needs to work on within himself.

Another reason why he denies his feelings for you is that hes not sure if you feel the same way. Men can be quite sensitive when it comes to taking risks in relationships. They tend to play safe and avoid any potential heartbreak or rejection. If hes not getting any indication or response from you that you feel the same way towards him, he may choose to deny his feelings for you rather than take a risk and put himself out there.

He might be concerned about his ability to maintain a relationship or worried about hurting you. It’s possible that hes overthinking and analyzing every aspect of a hypothetical relationship, leading him to deny any feelings he may have.

If hes not ready to be in a relationship, it’s important to respect his decision and give him time to heal or sort things out. However, it’s also okay to be honest with your feelings and let him know how you feel. Remember that a healthy relationship is based on mutual trust, communication, and understanding.


In conclusion, when a guy is confused about his feelings towards you, the best approach is to communicate openly and honestly with him. Expressing your feelings can help him understand where you stand, giving him a chance to process his own feelings. Giving him time and space is essential so that he doesn't feel pressured to make a decision right away. Reassuring him of your understanding that he may not be ready yet can also help ease any concerns he may have. Ultimately, the key is to be patient and understanding as he navigates his emotions, as this can lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection in the long run. Remember, relationships are a two-way street, and communication and empathy are essential ingredients to make it work.